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Houston Roof Leak Repair

Houston Roof Leak Repair

Do you understand how important it is to have a roof over your head every single night? The phrase is more than a simple synonymous of having a house because lacking the roof is pretty close to not having the entire house. An open sky exposes you to all weather conditions from rain to hot summer rays.

A leak will give you as much trouble as when you lack the entire roofing section. These faults may have a wide array of root causes and severe consequences. A roof leakage will deteriorate various parts of the home, including the structural strength of the house, and also cause health hazards. You will save yourself money and stress if you understand the dynamics of leaking roofs.

What causes a leak through the roof?

  • Aged materials - The Houston heat can have adverse effects on roofing material throughout the year. The roof expands and contracts continuously, creating brittleness that eventually develops into cracks. Another cause of leaks is melted tar that falls out of place due to heat, making the roof vulnerable to making way for water to drip into the house.
  • Flashing Flashing are thin materials that cover transitional points on roofs. Flashing materials that have cracks and other wear and tear signs are a perfect set up for water to intrude.
  • Missing shingles – Shingles protect the roof and will cause leakage if one is missing.
  • Obstruction in the gutters – Clogged gutters prevent successful drainage of water away from the roof. This is more common in summer when leaves clog the drain during summer rains. The water will eventually soak into the roof and drip into the house.
  • Improper skylights – Poorly fitted skylights and aged rubber will cause leakage.
  • Plumbing vents – The rubber boot of the plumbing vent will be worn out, and the roof vent will have cracked caged and broken seams for water to pass through.
  • Your roof will have massive leakage if you do not tend to holes from unmounted satellite dishes or antenna.
  • Ice dams – Warm weather melts the snow on the roof, which eventually recollects into the shingles and flashings during the cold. This cycle causes leakage the next time that temperatures rise.

How can you prepare for a Houston roof leak repair?

The most crucial step is to call Texans Force for an inspection and repair. This quick-fix does not mean that you have to let the water to continue running, causing panic and widespread damage. The following steps will give you a temporary remedy and damage control.

  • Cover your indoor property to prevent water damage. Ensure that you use plastic to protect high-risk items like electronics.
  • Catch the water using a bucket or heavy cloth to prevent flow to other areas in the house.
  • Dry visible moisture to prevent structural damage such as the development of rust or health risks like the growth of mold. Do not consider this to be a permanent remedy because water can soak into the deepest layers of the floor or wall. You will benefit from using the professional services of Houston roof leak repair by Texans Force.


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