Roofing Fletcher Nc

Roofing Fletcher Nc

Investing in quality roofing is essential. Metal roofing will help increase your home’s value and reduce home insurance. For your roofing in Fletcher NC, our metal roofs are perfect for the project. At Go Metal of WNC, we are dedicated to providing quality metal panels and roofs. We are the premier manufacturer and supplier of metal roofing in Fletcher and the entire North Carolina area.

What’s more, our metal panels and roofs are manufactured using the best quality materials to meet the highest industry standards expected. No wonder, a lot of homeowners, project managers, contractors, and businesses choose our products for their roofing projects. Our quality metal roofs are guaranteed to serve you for many years to come.

Does a Metal Roof Increase Home Value?

Many homeowners in Fletcher NC are considering metal roof as a roofing option for their homes. The common question they usually ask does a metal roof add any value to their home. The answer to this question is that a metal roof increases a home value in so many ways. Here is a list of how metal roofs increase the value of your home.

Durability: If properly installed and maintained, the metal roof of your home will last for you for as long as possible. Its durability is because they do not corrode, rot, crack, or warp because of its exposure to external conditions. This implies you will not have to replace the roof for the next 40 to 70 years.

Longevity: A metal roof has a long life. With a metal roof, your roof will guarantee your home safe for the next 40 to 70 years. This, in turn, increases the resale value of your home.

Eco-Friendly: Metal roofs are suitable for the environment because they are made of recycled materials. Unlike regular roofs that are with materials that negatively affect the environment, you will be able to recycle the metal roof during replacement.

Reduces Home Insurance: Courtesy of the increased strength and durability of metal roofs, the premium of the house it is installed attracts low premiums. A metal roof reduces home insurance premiums by as much as 40%.

What is the Cost of Installing a Metal Roof?

Nevertheless, you need to know the cost of installing a metal roof before going for one. It costs between $400 and $600 to install, but before the cost of fixing a metal roof in your home is determined, your contractor has to put several factors into consideration. The location of the house, the extent of labor, home size, and roof slope are factored in figuring out the cost of installation of a metal roof in your Fletcher NC home.

What is the Best Gauge for Metal Roofing?

Gauge for metal roofs is the thickness of the roof. For metal roofing, the higher the gauge, the thinner the roof. For example, a metal roof that has a gauging value of 31 is thinner than that of 29. A 26-gauge value metal roof is best for roofing as it is thick and more durable.

Metal roofs are the best in the market due to the strong and high-quality materials they are made of. When installed in your home, the value increases significantly.

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Roofing Fletcher Nc
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