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Window Installation Fairfax Are you searching for a contractor that offers affordable window installation in the Fairfax area? Consider STB Remodeling for your new window install. Beautiful new window options can work wonders toward helping you bring the beauty of nature from outdoors to the inside of your home.

STB Remodeling’s experts understand their clients are looking for easy-care, energy-efficient windows, which is why they offer a start-to-finish installation service including the installation of windows that have the ability to reduce energy costs in your home, with an aesthetic element that is built-in.

Whether you’re tired of the look and function of your old windows or are replacing out-dated, worn-out windows that have lived out their usefulness, you may be surprised to learn how today’s innovative new models can benefit you as a homeowner. Consider a few of the advantages of a new window installation in your Fairfax home:

- Larger windows can provide you with a lighter, brighter home
- Offer more comfortable and enjoyable living
- Save you money on energy- an estimated 15-30% off of your monthly heating and cooling costs.
- provide you with easy, trouble-free operation
- Are much easier to clean than out-dated models
- Can reduce noise coming in from outside
- Are protected by a generous warranty
- Do not require painting
- Can improve the value of your home

When you take into consideration the numerous benefits that modern windows offer, you can consider their purchase and installation more of an investment in your home than an actual expenditure.

You may have noticed one or more of the warning signs that your existing windows have lived out their lifespan. Window installation experts in Fairfax recommend that if your windows are more than 20 years old, they should be thoroughly inspected for the following signs:

- Condensation inside the glass on double or triple-paned windows, indicating a failure in the seal system.
- Single-paned windows should be replaced by double or triple-paned systems to reduce energy costs and make the home more comfortable.
- During very warm or very cool weather, check near your windows for warm or cool spots that are indications that your windows are not insulating your home properly.
- If you notice that your curtains, rugs or furniture have started to fade, you may consider upgrading to Low E coated windows that are able to filter out the sun’s damaging rays.
- Windows that are difficult to open and close may require replacing.

If you’ve mentally checked off any of the boxes next to the preceding warning signs, it’s time to call in a window installation expert in Fairfax. STB Remodeling is proud to offer their clients a free home improvement consultation that is not obligatory. During your consultation, the experts will provide a thorough inspection of your home, diagnosing any window troubles you may be experiencing and helping you determine which products will best meet your needs.

Visit to learn more about window installation options or make a call to STB Remodeling at 703-849-0894. Rest easy knowing STB Remodeling was awarded the prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2016. Window Installation Fairfax
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