Residential Metal Roofing

Durable, easy to install, long-lasting

Looking for metal roofing for you home?

There’s many types of roofs for residential properties.  If you’re considering a roof replacement or a new roof there’s many benefits to metal roofing.  We supply premium metal roofing, metal roofing supplies, as well as, metal roofing installation. We offer metal panels to cupolas, fasteners to insulation!

If your project is for a residential home, townhouse, condo, apartment, duplex or villa; we have you covered!

Expected Life of Metal Roofing

The expected life of metal roofing should last the life of your home.  Metal roofing is resistant to fire, mildew, insects and rot.  It can survive high winds and heavy snow.

Weight of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is much lighter as compared to tiles.  Contractors can save money because the supporting structure can be downsized.  Metal roofing is light enough to be placed over existing roofing without having to remove the tiles.

Purchasing metal roofing considerations:

Cost of Materials


Color & Styles


Weather Resistant



Energy Efficiency

Home Efficiency

If you live in an area which experience rapid climate change, storms or sun that melts asphalt the metal roofing is a viable option. 

Metal roofing is an investment and will save you money over time.

We are an experiences and trusted roofing companies located in Western North Carolina.

Benefits of a metal roof

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