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18 metal roof colors to choose from for your project

Choosing the right roof color is exciting. Use our color picker to see how it will look on your project.

Choosing the right paint color for a roof should be a decision based on a few different factors. Have your client visit this page of our website to learn about the paint color options available and how they might apply to their environment.

Helping your client make the right color decision will make them much happier in the long-run.



About Valspar coated metal roof panels

Valspar is a trusted paint brand for residential, commercial, interior and exterior applications. The metal roof panels offered by Affordable Metal of WNC are coated with 100% acrylic Valspar paint.

The colors are fade resistant, chalk resistant, and protects the roof panels from rust and corrosion. 

Solar reflectivity and paint colors

Unlike asphalt shingles, a painted metal roof can add energy cost savings through its solar reflectivity. All of our panels offer a SR rating between .26 and .60 in a scale of 0 to 1.

What does this mean for homeowners?

This means homeowners should see a reduced expense on cooling their home in the summer. Of course, environmental factors still play a big part in the energy efficiency of any roof or home.


Energy Star advantage

Every year, americans spend $40 billion to cool buildings. Energy star certified roofing materials and products can help reduce the amount of cooling power needed to cool someone's home. Energy star efficient roofs can reduce peak cooling demand by 10-15%.

Not only does a metal roof last longer than asphalt roofing materials, it saves money for the homeowner over the lifetime of the product.

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