Aviation Snips with Power-Fit™ Hand Grip

AVs Get a better grip with Malco’s AV Aviation Snips! Malco’s AV Aviation Snips feature POWER-FIT™ performance hand grips that increase productivity and distributes pressure evenly, which results in less user fatigue. Non-slip grooves and safety guards also help users achieve a Maximum grip in some of the dirtiest conditions. An easy release side latch offers quick operation and cutting on the job. Made with only the best, the hardened forged steel jaws offer a strong long lasting cutting edge. Available in left, right, combination, offset-left, and offset-right cutting models.

Turboshear for Cutting Corrugated Metal

This versatile and portable TurboShear fits a drill you already own to make easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts and precise circular and square outlet cuts in large or small pattern corrugated metal roofing and common trapezoidal (box) pattern metal roofing panels. Elongated blades with compact jaws create a steep 75° offset so that the drill is held at a nearly vertical approach when starting a cut. As these offset blades follow the rising angle of a corrugated or trapezoidal profile, the drill handle or battery pack has clearance to naturally tip downward and still clear the roofing panel surface. A sleek, lightweight aluminum-cast shear head and compact molded polymer drill clamp allow maximum portability and ease to go wherever the work is. The telescoping drill clamp adjusts to fit both length and width of popular drill sizes including smaller bodied impact drivers. Optional spacers are stored on clamp for large motor housings. The clamp collar allows the shear head to be rotated 360° and set in any position for optimum tool clearance when navigating profiles or to facilitate easy material flow. The shear can operate at high or low speeds for the control you need to follow a precise cut line.

Utility Caulking Gun

Easy loading and lightweight for smooth, clean operation. All Malco caulking guns feature a 1/10 gallon cartridge capacity.

Hand Seamers with Forged Jaws

Malco Hand Seamers, with forged steel jaws, are the premier choice for bending, folding, flattening and straightening sheet metal edges or safely gripping and moving sheet metal around the job site. These seamers are available in 3 inch (76.2 mm) and 6 inch (152.4 mm) jaw widths as well as an offset 3 inch (76.2 mm) size for overhead work. The drop-forged, high-impact jaws feature depth markings graduated in 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) increments and are complimented by a powerful compound leverage design. Easily bend flanges or completely flatten seams from 1/4 to 1-1/4 inch (6.4-31.8 mm) deep in 24 gauge (0.71 mm) galvanized or (0.61 mm) mild steel.

Andy Classic Aluminum Handled Snips 12″

 Sleek styling, easy blade replacement, and original style handles make Malco’s 14″ Andy Classic snips the perfect addition to any tool bag. These snips are ideal for cutting vinyl siding, aluminum, copper, or sheet metal. The sleek head design improves maneuverability making it easier to cut materials such as J-Channel.

End Cap Crimper

Contractor grade crimper. Securely fastens end cap to gutter using compound leverage. Adjustable depth. Unique hardened steel jaws, grade 8 bolts and non-slip vinyl grips. Can also be used on sheet metal.

Downspout Crimper

Professional quality tool. Downsizes for a water-tight connection. Compound leverage action, hardened steel blades, grade 8 bolts and comfortable vinyl grips.

Hemming Tool (15.25 Inches)

This hemming tool has a 15.25-inch profile and is used on metal roofs to bend the ends at the top and bottom of panels. Our metal roofing hemming tool is made of high-quality steel construction and has up to a 1-inch-deep bend

Wood Handle Shing-Go Roofing Shovel

 Original AJC design, top quality and Made in USA.
Features a 9” replaceable blade, super-tough D-Grip.
Serrated, tempered chrome-moly steel blade.
47-1/2” Northern white ash wood handle.

Super Shing-Go Shovel

This handy tear-off shovel is an original AJC design! It is a top-quality tool and made in the USA. The AJC Super Shing-Go™ Shovel has a serrated, tempered chrome-moly steel blade. It also comes reinforced with an AJC Skid Plate and a 47 ½” top-grade fiberglass handle.

Rolling Magnetic Sweeper

This Rolling Magnetic Sweeper design is a first from AJC Tools & Equipment. Combining powerful magnets, quality workmanship, and a quick-release design have made the AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper a favorite of roofers everywhere.

This magnetic pick-up tool has a heavier stainless steel box, stronger wheel brackets, and improved tool-free adjustable wheel height. It comes with big 7” diameter wheels and stainless steel magnetic box for easy clean-up. In addition, the handle folds over, making storage easy and convenient. Length: 30″

Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper

The AJC Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper is a spring-loaded magnetic roof sweeper with a quick release that holds in down the position. Combined with powerful magnets and a stainless steel box, this 10-inch long magnetic pickup tool is sure to make the cleanup of your job site an easy process.
Our Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper is great for picking up nails on pavement or in the grass, and will save you time! In addition, the pickup of debris will greatly reduce flat tires at the site.

Roofing Magnetic Hatchet

AJC Mag-Hatch Magnetic Faced Roofing Hatchet
This magnetic roofing hammer is designed for the fast application of felt caps and roofing nails. The powerful, shielded neodymium magnet is located right on the striking face! This 17-ounce roofing hatchet is patent-pending and includes the following:

Sliding Gauge

Built-in Utility Blade

Nail Claw

Offset Left Cut Aviation Snip

Flows material away from blades and positions the user’s hand above the material for best maneuverability when making long cuts or tight curves

Used for cutting straight or tight curves to the left

Use in right hand

Offset Right Cut Aviation Snip

Flows material away from blades and positions the user’s hand above the material for best maneuverability when making long cuts or tight curves

Used for cutting straight or tight curves to the right

Use in left hand

Jack the Ripper Shingle Remover

Simple and strong, to work all day long!
8 inch wide serrated blade
Lightweight design – only 5 pounds
48 inches of overall length
Steel handle with poly d-grip

bulldog snip

Bulldog Aviation Snip

Bulldog Aviation Snips cut trim and thick material up to 16 gauge cold rolled steel and cut multiple layers of sheet material such as cleat and rolled seams. Used for cutting straight or wide curves.

Color Picker

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